Crafting Your Island Home Oasis: Insights from Stephanie Tyler, President of Studio IDC

Crafting Your Island Home Oasis: Insights from Stephanie Tyler, President of Studio IDC


Stephanie Tyler, President of Studio IDC, has over 27 years of experience designing distinctive homes, hotels, and hospitality spaces across the Caribbean and South Florida. At Studio IDC, we believe in infusing each project with the unique essence of its location, architecture, and inhabitants.

Our residential designs are inspired by the intricate details that define the Caribbean lifestyle. Whether it’s a holiday retreat, a retirement haven, or a multi-generational home, we tailor each property to meet our client’s wishes and lifestyle, combining the allure of modern luxury with the warmth of home styling.

For new buyers and homeowners at Pearns Point, we offer the opportunity to elevate their homes into something truly special, creating an island home fantasy that reflects their individuality and aspirations.

What would you say is the most important design consideration when designing a home in the Caribbean?

When designing a home in the Caribbean, it’s essential to ensure that it speaks to who you are in this magical place. We prioritize understanding our clients’ lifestyles and desires, crafting spaces that resonate with their sense of place and peace.

Our experienced team considers the region’s unique challenges, such as weather conditions, to create innovative designs that are both pragmatic and durable. We work closely with trusted contractors to ensure the highest quality of installation, bringing our client’s visions to life with a luxury finish.

Are there any top tips you would give clients when creating their dream home?

Work with a designer who truly listens to your dreams, desires, and lifestyle preferences. Surround yourself with consultants who understand the Caribbean environment and can offer tailored design solutions.

What do you think of the Pearns Point site? 

Pearns Point is a rare gem, offering an unspoiled sanctuary for future residents. With its diverse landscapes and breathtaking views, each spot on this peninsula offers a unique experience, from harborside vistas to secluded beaches and mountain panoramas. It’s a private and exclusive paradise.