CBI programme – What are the Investment Options?

CBI programme – What are the Investment Options?


March 24 – CBI programme – What are the Investment Options?

Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM), an association of 20 growing Caribbean states that have joined forces to form plans to enhance financial prosperity and trading in the area.

And the economy of Antigua and Barbuda has experienced extraordinary growth over the past few years, largely attributed to the success of offshore financial services industries coming in, and tourism.

The Citizenship by Investment Program of Antigua and Barbuda was created in 2013 and has become a favourite for wealthy individuals seeking a secure and lasting investment in conjunction with a tranquil way of life in one of the world’s most picturesque spots.

Antigua and Barbuda’s CBI Programme offers four investment options:

  1. NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND (NDF) Single applicants or families of up to four persons are required to make a minimum contribution of US$100,000 to the NDF.
  2. REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT The minimum real estate investment is US$400,000, into a government-approved real estate project, to be held for a period of five years. Joint investment with other applicants is permitted.
  3. GOVERNMENT-APPROVED BUSINESS PROJECT Single applicants are required to invest a minimum of US$1.5 million into an approved business project. Two or more applicants can co-invest if each party makes a minimum investment of US$400,000 into a project worth US$5 million.
  4. UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES (UWI) FUND Families of at least six persons may invest a minimum of US$150,000 into the University of the West Indies Fund. One member is entitled to a one-year scholarship to study at UWI.

And the good news is that Pearns Point’s real estate qualifies under the CBI scheme.