A Playground of Activity

Easily reached from many major destinations, Antigua has long been a playground for the thrill seekers as well as those seeking relaxation and retreat. As a hub of international sailing activity, it plays host to some of the world’s most prestigious yacht regattas, including Antigua Sailing Week and Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, where sailing aficionados flock to Falmouth Harbour and Nelson’s Dockyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Its turquoise waters also attract snorkelers and divers alike, however, there are plenty of land pursuits to venture in, such as the Cedar Valley Golf Club, competing in the annual Thriathlon event, zip lining in the rainforest, and of course, beach hopping.

A true taste
of antigua

Antigua offers a thriving and varied dining scene. International fine dining restaurants are complimented by local beach bars and restaurants, all influenced by the local cuisine. Indulge in fish, lobster, or crab dishes, as well as great curries, and juicy fruits like mango, papaya, avocado, and the Antigua Black Pineapple, the national fruit revered as the world’s sweetest tasting pineapple.

A Pristine Paradise

Pearns Point is a pristine paradise that pays the utmost respect to the island’s native flora and fauna, where natural resources are to be utilized as much as possible: residencies will be built with locally sourced materials wherever possible and designed to blend seamlessly with the landscape; fruit and vegetable crops will be grown in a dedicated nursery; and solar energy panels will be set up around the peninsula.