Top things to do in Antigua

Top things to do in Antigua


Antigua is one of the most spectacular islands in the Caribbean and is famous for its tropical, postcard-perfect beaches. There are 365 of them – one for every day of the year.
Covered in lush rainforests, unique wildlife, various unusual natural landscapes and plenty of great beach bars and places for diving, snorkelling and sailing, it is popular with all kinds of visitors, from families to couples.

Here are the best things to do if you are Antigua this year:

SWIM AND SNORKEL IN HALF MOON BAY – Arguably Antigua’s most stunning beach, Half Moon Bay is located in the island’s far east. The sand is pristine and the sea crystal clear blue, and the waves often get high enough for surfing. It is also one of the best places for swimming and snorkelling on the island too.



EXPLORE NELSON’S DOCKYARD NATIONAL PARK – A 350-year-old marina brimming with history, Nelson’s Dockyard is a former British naval base turned busy marina and museum. The site was also previously the headquarters of Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson. It is now a UNESCO site and visitors can learn about the site’s history here, or just take a stroll – the dockyard has been transformed to include shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels.



VISIT THE MUSEUM OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA – Finding out more about the island’s history is the best way to get to grips with the culture and architecture of the island. The building dates back to 1750 and has exhibits covering everything from when the island was first discovered to gaining independence.



ADMIRE THE VIEW FROM SHIRLEY HEIGHTS – Shirley Heights is perched 492 feet above sea level and offers an awe-inspiring panoramic view of English and Falmouth Harbors, as well as Guadeloupe to the south of Antigua. This area will appeal to active types, as visitors will need to take an easy hike to the summit or, alternatively, join an e-bike tour. It also has fantastic sunsets!



LEARN TO SAIL – With strong winds, beautiful waters and an array of surrounding islands, sailing is one of the top activities in Antigua. The island has hundreds of yachts for charter as well as sailing schools. Antigua hosts a Sailing Week from the last Sunday in April into May, drawing numerous boats for the races, parties and celebrations.