Phase 1 Complete

Pearns Point Antigua is delighted to report that the Founders Phase has successfully finished with the sale of all 15 initial Lots. Construction of all roads and infrastructure is now complete, clearly demonstrating the possibilities that await early investors.

Pioneer Benefits

Orange Limited is pleased to announce the next phase of Lot Sales – the Pioneers Phase. Early buyers at the eagerly anticipated Pearns Point development will be rewarded with a discount on List Prices for selected Lots. Despite the great success of the Founders Phase, there are still many outstanding Beachfront, Oceanfront and Ocean View Lots for sale – a rare and exclusive opportunity for the early buyer.


Owner’s Beach Club

Privacy at Pearns Point is guaranteed, but for the more sociable, there will be a private Owner’s Beach. The further addition of a luxury hotel on the Southern end of the site will also offer homeowners a full range of exciting land and water based activities, a conveniently located bar and fine-dining scene.