Discover the exciting new opportunities available to early investors. Please take a look at our interactive site plan below

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Please note the map is not to scale and is for illustrative purposes only

1-16       17-20       21-25       28       38-45       47-53       54-59       60-79
LOTS 1-16
Situated directly above beautiful turquoise waters with breath-taking sunset views for large parts of the year, these lots are conveniently close to the main Pearns Point beach and, although entirely private, owners will still be within easy walking distance from the amenities of the luxury hotel on site. Additionally, lots 9 and 10 also enjoy a beautiful secluded white sand beach. These lots have been reduced to 2/3 of an acre ensuring its direct water location is complemented by an attractive price point.
LOTS 17-21
These spacious lots surround a crescent-shaped white sand beach with stunning ocean views and a gentle elevation to the land helps enhance the scenery with Antigua’s wonderful forested hills and ridgelines to the south. All the lots in this secluded stretch are also within walking distance from the public access to the longer beach on the other side of the site.
LOTS 21-25
Set on their own point (Michelin Point), these lots face out to the iconic Five Islands and the endless turquoise Caribbean Sea. Being at the Western point of the property, the sunset views are mesmerising and quiet privacy is guaranteed.
LOT 28
This is an exceptional lot that has beach access either side to two gorgeous powder white soft sand beaches. The views out to the unpopulated far green shore are enhanced by its panoramic ocean views. The lot rises gently back to the road making for easy access and elevated views.
LOTS 38-45
These more elevated ocean view lots are generously sized to allow for residences with multiple views and also benefit from the cooling North Easterly winds across Antigua. In good proximity to the property entrance, they are also within easy reach to the Hotel site and beach. Lots 38-40 enjoy access to a stunning white sand beach set in an intimate cove with transparent water.
LOTS 47-53
These lots stand out not only due to how elevated the views on this piece of land are but also because of their diversity – from mountain lansdcapes to ocean and lagoon views and sunsets. They also benefit from easy access from the front of the property to the main road and down to the Hotel site.
LOTS 54-59
Offering perhaps the best combination of ocean and Five Island views, these higher elevation lots also enjoy an almost year-round breeze and a peaceful serenity. Lot sizes are larger here too, affording more uses of the property and different design options.
LOTS 60-71
The highest points on the property, the 360-degree views here are outstanding. Cooling breezes and a view over most of the North West Coast of Antigua will keep you spellbound.