Pioneer’s Phase launches: there is no better time to invest than now

We are incredibly excited to announce the successful completion of our Founders Phase with the sale of all available lots to 15 new happy homeowners!

This means the construction of new roads and infrastructures is now finalized, opening a myriad of opportunities for eager investors during the next Pioneers Phase to claim a piece of this Caribbean paradise, soon becoming the new home to the world’s elite.

Pioneer homeowners will have access to a limited discount in addition to the jaw-dropping ocean views overlooking the pristine waters and white-sand beaches of the Caribbean. Owning a plot at Pearns Point is truly a unique opportunity to some of the world’s wealthiest to become part of something special. A prime location only four hours away from bustling New York City, this hidden gem of seven small islands is a oasis of pure tranquility and privacy.

With an thriving cultural scene, exceptional cuisine, a playground of activities, and breathtaking views, Antigua & Barbuda is an unspoiled paradise of tropical rainforest, incredible wildlife, and of course, crystal-clear waters waiting to be secretly discovered by you.

Pioneer Benefits

As we enter the next phase of plot sales, early buyers at the Pearns Point development will be rewarded with a discount on list prices for selected lots. After the great success of the Founders Phase there are now just 49 outstanding Beachfront, Oceanfront and Ocean View Lots left available for sale, ready for the right investor to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Privacy at Pearns Point is most-certainly guaranteed. However, owners looking to mingle with their island neighbours will have plenty of ways to do so. A private Owner’s Beach Club, as well a luxury hotel on the Southern end of the site, will offer a full range of exciting land and water based activities, a conveniently located bar, and fine-dining scene.

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