Orange Limited presents Pearns Point at CityScape Dubai


In September 2015, Orange Limited, the developers and creative minds behind Pearns Point and Marina Residences, attended the CityScape Global Real Estate Exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Centre. At this far-reaching event, which attracted investors the world over, Orange Limited representatives presented their developments to some of the 40,000 guests who attended over the course of the three-day event.

Pearns Point, the flagship luxury development, offering some of the only secluded beachside villa spots in the Carribean, attracted much attention from the international elite, whilst Jolly Harbor’s Marina Residences attracted a great deal of interest from influential investors based in the UAE.

The Citizen by Investment Program, in which Orange Limited is involved, proved a major point of interest for global investors. The benefits to travel and tax freedom attracted many to the Orange Limited booth, where they discovered the beautiful settings and stunning custom architecture on offer at Pearns Point and Marina Residences.

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