Tailored to your dreams

Purchasers of Lots at Pearns Point will have ample opportunity to customize their perfect home. They can either use their own design team (subject to certain architectural and building covenants) or they can work with the designs created by the Pearns Point award winning master architect Piet Boon. Intimately familiar with the site, Piet Boon’s team, along with the builders and interior designers, can assist in the creation of your ideal home, transforming the requirements and the characteristics of each plot to create a unique property and optimally incorporating individual wishes and requirements. They can collaborate closely with each owner to ensure that every inch of the space is permeated with the owner’s personality and ideas – from the initial renderings to the very last details.

Signature Architecture Naturally

Both the hillside and beach villas are characterized by using the same family of beautiful natural materials, signature details and a horizontal stretched design that not only maximises the spectacular views but also gives numerous layout possibilities to suit the individual ideas and wishes, whether it’s in a modern or classical style.

Committed to Sustainability

While effective use of natural elements will be paramount – such as making the most of the island’s pervasive trade winds to keep indoor temperatures cool – the villas are designed in such a way that durability is assured and ecological impact is minimalized.