More Than Just Paradise

Antigua, it is more than just a Caribbean paradise; it is also a well managed business hub that is ripe for investment. The government provides strong economic incentives for foreign investment and is positioning the country for further growth by targeting emerging markets and diversifying its economy. As part of their incentive scheme, the Antiguan Government has included Pearns Point as part of their CIP program.

The CIP Program

The Citizen Investment Program was launched by the Antiguan Government in 2014, it grants Antiguan Citizenship to individuals who meaningfully invest in the infrastructure of the island. Pearns Point is one of only a handful of developments officially endorsed by CIP. Homeowners or investors who are eligible will receive an Antiguan passport and will gain from all the benefits it entails. For more information on the CIP, and for information on eligibility and application, follow this link.


Gaining an Antiguan passport through CIP allows for an investor and their immediate family to benefit from all the advantages of Antiguan citizenship. As a member state of the British Commonwealth, Antigua and Barbuda enjoys a privileged position for international travel and trade. Passport holders can enjoy visa-free travel to over 100 countries including the United Kingdom, Canada and all countries within the EU. It is a distinct advantage to those with vested interests overseas.